addicted to crime | UP Audio Podcast (2023)

  • SircleMe

    They decided to add leftist views.

    If you are asked to host a crime podcast, I think you should put your democratic views aside. They woke up, so I hope they go broke. Do not use a criminal platform to promote your political agenda.

  • Murdock50136

    Too many ads

    Once upon a time there was a great show. With the success of the show, the format has changed to shower us with non-stop commercials. Greed is real.

  • bif_crime

    the best ever

    This is the only podcast I find entertaining guys!!!

  • Regenbeaux17


    As a therapist who has been working with trauma for a decade, congratulations on coming to polyvagal work! This is THE job. Many in our field don't even know what it is, and yet it is such a comprehensive explanation of what happens to trauma survivors during and after trauma.

  • Cadennme

    @Jaycee Dugard Interview_Amazing

    Wow just wow! This interview was one of the best I've ever heard! Both Jaycee and Dr. Bailey delivered content that was extremely interesting and extremely engaging. Ashley blew me away with this episode as everything was so polished, from her comments and messages... to her interactions with these 2 amazing women. I've probably listened to every episode of Crime Junkie ever produced and this episode was on another level. My heart is so full knowing how she is doing for Jaycee today and also in awe of what she has done throughout her life to support survivors (...and train as a first responder). Well done Ashley!

  • well done christina


    Thank you for this episode, I enjoyed the education provided.

  • Cristal 150

    I don't understand

    It's just a bad bad comment that I like. I am confused if they are stupid.

  • Jugolf2

    i love your show

    I commute for about an hour every day and listen to your show every minute. You turned me into a true crime addict.

  • Xinaeve


    Integrity = 0 Empathy = 0 Class = 0 Talent = 0 (if not plagiarized) Legitimacy = 0 Score = I wish I could give you the chicken you deserve 🤥

  • kfs521


    the best podcast

    (Video) 10 POWERFUL Stories of Addiction (& Recovery) | Rich Roll Podcast

  • everything hurts and I'm dying


    I found this podcast a few months ago and have been hooked ever since. I didn't start this true crime podcast, but I prefer this one. I really appreciate how concise and factual the stories are told. I like that I can get all the details in under an hour and not have to read silly jokes and insider family jokes that are so irrelevant that I get lost and can't follow the plot. I also appreciate that. Ashley seems to genuinely care about helping people, and she calls attention to cold cases in the hope that they can be solved. Thank you, and she continues like this. I hope Brit is doing well ❤️! I love the soothing voice of Ashley Flowers. It doesn't surprise me at all that the scared dog stayed calm while she listened to Crime Junkie.😀

  • camdjdjdid

    i'm infected

    This is probably my favorite podcast next to Sci Show Tangents, even if it makes me a lot more paranoid lol. I love the great energy podcast for whatever circumstance you're infected with because now I say “whole body chills” all the time.

  • chica mady_crime


    I may be 14, but I love this show, but I was wondering if they could do an episode about Jeffrey Dahmer? Because I'm so curious why it turned out the way he did.

  • Hotrod y dolce

    Impressive and superbly oratory.

    Ashley is amazing. I listen to all three captivating podcasts!

  • Jra4776


    Great podcast. I definitely recommend it

  • Blahhhggfd


    Serious Top Podcast I Listen Too!

  • office nick

    Thank you very much

    I appreciate what you are doing!

  • michelj

    One of the best podcasts ever!

    I love this podcast, they are very informative and nice to the case and the victims in the stories.

  • MelJeb

    interesting podcast

    What a great true crime podcast! They do a good job and give all the information about each case! This podcast is interesting to listen to and I love how it brings attention to cases that may not be as well known. This podcast is definitely one to add to your true crime obsession!

  • J0RD4N 👹👹👹👹👹👹🕳️🏃💨

    My childhood ❤️❤️❤️

    I'm not sure if that's weird, but I grew up with crime addicts. Ever since they started putting out episodes (I think I was 9 years old), I've been a devoted listener along with my mom. We are both addicted to crime. I feel like this podcast taught me to be safe. And the best part is that it's not just a bunch of jokes and jokes. They go straight to the point so they don't lose my interest. Keep following and improving Britt ❤️❤️

    (Video) UNSHACKLED! Audio Drama Podcast - #100 Brady Evans Classic

  • iCarlie725


    Ok, so my husband and I took a road trip to Texas after our wedding in Sacramento and stumbled upon this podcast because we are both obsessed with true crime documentaries. Both he and I had never listened to podcasts, so this was all new to us. From episode 1 we were THRILLED!!! Possessed is probably more like that. Thank you for our new favorite podcast together and for making a 28 hour drive incredibly enjoyable! you are phenomenal!

  • como suzethemediator89

    Great podcast!!!

    I personally love this podcast! I mean, the way that Ashly and Brit tell the stories is just amazing.

  • PorgchopWookiesnack


    I love you I love you I love you I love you! The podcast is great and you guys are great storytellers. I can't wait to hear your voice again Brit! I have been listening to them since 2019 and now my boyfriend is also addicted. We listen to the podcast about long road trips together. Please do an episode on the Toy Box Killer.

  • maggie9914

    I want to like this podcast...

    But hey. There are several aspects of this podcast that make me cringe. The way Ashley gets overly dramatic when she describes the details of a story. Even when Britt asks questions, Ashley sometimes seems condescending to her. It appears to be a less organic version of MFM, right down to the pet deregistration and forced tagging.

  • fufigrhhxf


    I love this podcast!!!! And I usually never listen to podcasts because they just don't entertain me as much as the crime junkies podcast. It's my birthday on Monday (December 5th) and I can't believe I've been listening to Crime Junkie for 2 years. I love true crime and I am very interested in solving crime and other things. I just wanted to say that you are amazing and that you really know how to put the image in the mind of the person listening to your podcasts. Keep up the good work and as always you are amazing on podcasts!

  • The lilac beach

    exciting cases

    This podcast is about fascinating true crime cases and the two women who host it make it sound very interesting and funny. His energy is positive and excellent despite the appalling crime. They are easy to follow with their visual storytelling.

  • jovi.g

    Thank you very much!!!!!!

    I love this show!!!! Thanks for highlighting some native cases. Please, more episodes!!! We need all the attention for these missing girls and boys!! Thanks for the time and effort you put into these episodes. 🫶🏼🫶🏼🫶🏼

  • love life 1986

    amazing podcasts

    I love this podcast, it's my favorite of all true crime podcasts!

  • Brendax3


    I absolutely love listening.

  • lorrilove562

    podcast art

    I did notice the added shine to the Crime Junkie. looks so good. Also, this is a great podcast for crime junkies.

    (Video) Jane's Addiction - End To The Lies On Chilean Radio

  • Do better!!! do not download

    Bester True-Crime-Podcast!!

    I love true crime and have listened to a number of podcasts and this is my number one pick. Anyone else who says otherwise, as I've seen in the comments, they're not true crime lovers and don't know what they're talking about! Keep going!

  • Sassiecassie84


    I love the show, but I think you need a co-host. While I feel bad about Britt's recent struggles, she is a behind-the-scenes person. You need someone who is dynamic and allows you a natural dialogue. I'm becoming a perfectionist and I want everything written down so there are no surprises, but some things that shouldn't be written down. Still loving the show and listening 🎧.

  • wild whitney

    half ass

    I used to love CJ... the more I listen to, the less I like it. Ashley definitely feels like she tries as little as necessary in each episode. She is sad and disappointing.

  • jocelyncie

    I love this podcast!

    I love how Ashley and Brit tell these stories! They are always interesting and well organized. They also help draw attention to cases that have been overlooked. You're great.

  • quarrels2230

    favorite podcast

    I don't usually listen to podcasts because there are so many different opinions all over the place, but Ashley (and Britt) do a great job of sticking to the facts when telling stories! Thank you for making my dreaded 8 hour drive home more bearable! I will always be a crime addict :)

  • reannaloveeeee

    absolute favorite

    I recently started listening to true crime podcasts and I have to say you are at the top of my list so far! It makes my work day go by so much faster! ❤️

  • rowan castle


    I am obsessed! The storytelling is fantastic, the interaction between Ashley and Brit is outstanding, and the production is top notch! I listen to all the true crime podcasts and this is definitely the top 5! Thank you ladies for joining me on errands and chores and making the mundane of life a little more bearable!

  • elkaytee527

    Thank you very much

    Great podcast and thanks for sharing case stories that don't get enough attention to close.

  • jcfishwrld

    Bester True-Crime-Podcast

    I love how you girls do so much research and are always honest! I have seen almost all the episodes. I watch all the true crime podcasts, but this is by far the best. 💜

  • bexxlinton

    I can not stop listening

    This is hands down my #1 listening POD right now. I love hearing both of you telling these stories that need to be heard ❤️ I love you both and everyone who listens!

    (Video) Jordan Sartor & The Possessed - Interview

  • m3Baum

    awesome podcast

    Wonderful podcast! You have some great "radio" voices. Very informative, great factual storytelling. Definitely recommend it to anyone who loves true crime/cold cases.

  • NJerry01

    I miss Brittany...

    I love this podcast! I do miss Britt being a part of this though. She Added that extra something that made it feel more like a story than just being read to! I hope you come back soon!

  • Gayle Guthrie

    It used to be a great podcast.

    I used to love this podcast, but now it's just a good podcast. Ashley always gets upset when the police, CPS, etc., didn't do what they thought they should have done by being involved in the case. Sometimes it is understandable and justified, but not always. As someone who believes there is room for improvement in law enforcement, and as a former CPS community worker who knows the system is far from perfect, it's easy even for someone who has never done these jobs, sitting there years later with much more information now available while he was in his recording studio to critique the work of first responders and social workers when they couldn't afford to have all that information while they were out in the field and actually doing the work. Not to mention the rules and laws they have to follow - some of Ashley's suggestions they completely ignore and her attitude is like they're being lazy. No, they must follow the rules and directives of their supervisors and they are overworked.

  • little girl

    Promotes the deception of innocence

    You almost lost me with the Scott Peterson episode (he's guilty btw) but the Adnan episode fooled me. These people are guilty, stop shitting on the victims of their crimes by promoting their lies.

  • russ8989

    Nothing bad

    It's not a bad podcast, though the hosts love to point out the virtue. Especially when it comes to the mental illness of gender dysphoria.

  • Llpjjk

    CJ for life ❤️

    Long time crime addict and fan club member for a few years. I love, love, love listening to this non-stop podcast style, where the story really takes center stage. Ashley is a great storyteller and easy to listen to.

  • alexnim92

    a british

    "There is hardly any form of difficulty or misery that has not been overcome between us." I wish you the best in your sobriety as I work with you on mine ✌️

  • word

    podcast review

    I listen to the podcast while knitting and it's great and deep. One of my favorite podcasts.

  • EstafadorZuzy

    ❤️I love it!❤️

    This program is very informative and has many twists and turns.

  • samuelizabeth13


    I'm not a big podcast guy, but Britt and Ashley really draw you in and create a picture in your head. Great podcast!!

    (Video) How Plant Medicine Can Heal Your Addictions - Davey Reed | Harley Seelbinder Podcast #51


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