Bus and coach from Hull to Brough (2023)

Which tickets are the cheapest for theHullBrough-Buslinie? What is the fastest bus? Compare all routes and companies to find buses from Hull to Brough. Find all bus schedules withone click!

HullBrough Coach: Bus Line Data

cheapest bus £ 6,80
fastest bus 0h 26m
head coach 07:35
last coach 09:51
Daily bus connections 0 Ø
distance 15.1 kilometers
bus company Norte

If you are trying to purchase a ticket for aBus from Hull to BroughCheckMyBus can help!

Find the exact timesThe bus leaves Hull and arrives at Brough in the next few days.and plan your trip with confidence. We can provide you with information about the available bus stops and travel times, as well as the services of the different companies, such as: B. WiFi and air conditioning. With our search engine you will be able to find Hus tickets from companies that offer this route such as: B.Norte. Do you want to save money? You can then compare prices between all companies withAutobuses de Hull a Broughand get thecheapest bus tickets.

We'll show you what you need to know about long-distance buses in Hull to get you started and in Brough to get you there without any hassle. Are you planning more trips? We also show you options for continuing to travel from Brough. No direct connection? Then take a look at our suggested alternative destinations from Hull. Do you need to take a flight? When you get to Brough you can use our search engine to findTransfers to nearby airports.

What are the cheapest buses from Hull to Brough that you would normally find?

Bus schedules are subject to change. Below are the bus companies that normally operate the Hull to Brough bus route, but are currently closed.

HullBrough Bus: More Information

Customize your search results to meet your travel needs.

In our search engine you will find that we have already filled in Hull as the starting point and Brough as the destination. You just have to select the date you want to travel on the calendar to update your search. As a recommendation we set a standard travel date a few days in advance. Usually, people book their trips 3 to 7 days in advance.

Are you planning a return trip? If you already know when you'll be returning to Hull from Brough, all you have to do is select your chosen date to include in your results.

If you're booking for others traveling with you, please enter how many passengers are traveling with you before you begin your search.

Once you have the results, you'll be able to compare all the available HullBrough bus route options and consider various factors before booking your trip. The cheapest bus tickets are offered by Northern for £6.80, while the fastest route takes 0h 26m. Whether you prefer the cheapest ticket, the fastest trip or the bus with the most amenities, our search engine can help you find the best deal for your trip!

Prioritize your search resultsSort by price, departure and arrival time. You can also filter your results by bus stop and company to focus on the results most relevant to your travel needs.

When looking for a bus from Hull to Brough, you can also compare other modes of transport available such as trains, flights and carpooling.

We wish you a good bus tripde Hull a Brough!

Do you want to go the other way? Check all the offersBrough nach casco

All bus stations in Hull and Brough


Bus stop

Welton Road111, HU15 1LZBrough (UK)

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Calle Gilberdyke Clementhorpe

Brough (Great Britain)

HullBrough Bus: Frequently Asked Questions about the bus line

How much does it cost to travel by bus from Hull to Brough?

This depends on several factors such as B. the day and the time of travel. The cheapest trip on the route starts from £6.80 and takes 0h 26m. Compare offers and save money!

How much can I save by comparing buses from Hull to Brough?

This bus route is operated by 1 bus company with ticket prices ranging from £6.80 to £6.80. We therefore recommend that you book your trip as early as possible to ensure you get the cheapest bus ticket to Brough.

On average, how many buses are there per day from Hull to Brough?

The HullBrough bus route has approximately 0 daily services. With our search engine you can search and compare bus schedules to find your ideal route.

How long is the bus ride to Hullbrough?

The fastest bus from Hull to Brough takes 0h 26m and is provided by Northern. Bus tickets for this route cost £6.80. Please note, however, that the bus journey may take longer if there is a traffic jam.

Is there a direct bus for the Hull to Brough journey?

If you are looking for a direct route for the HullBrough bus route, we are currently comparing 0 direct bus routes.

What time is the first bus from Hull to Brough?

The first bus from Hull to Brough leaves at 07:35. Please note that departure times may vary on weekends and holidays. Simply use our search engine to find the exact times for your planned travel date.

What time is the last bus from Hull to Brough?

The latest bus trip from Hull to Brough starts at 09:51. Please note that departure times may vary on weekends and holidays. Simply use our search engine to find the exact times for your planned travel date.

What bus companies operate on the HullBrough bus route?

When traveling from Hull to Brough, you can travel with Northern. With our search engine you can compare all the bus offers available from various companies. Find the trip that suits you best!

What can I take with me on the HullBrough bus route?

Different bus companies have different policies on what you can take with you. In most cases, you can take one suitcase and hand luggage for free on the HullBrough route bus. With our search engine you will find the bus tour that best suits your travel needs.

What equipment does the bus from Hull to Brough have?

Onboard services vary by company. However, many long-distance buses offer WiFi, so you can keep in touch with your friends and share your exact location on the go. To make traveling even more comfortable, air conditioners provide ventilation. You can use our search engine to obtain precise information about the amenities on board the bus from Hull to Brough on the day of your trip.

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