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Fat Gripz Pro Review

As mentioned above, Fat Gripz come in three versions. The default edition is called "Fat Gripz Pro". Measuring 2.25 inches in diameter, this is the type that will fit best in the palm of most adults. The product is very easy to use and safe to use, and does not require extensive fitness knowledge to maximize its benefits. Just slide it over a barbell, dumbbell or machine grip and you're good to go.


Fat Gripz offer an excellent boost to your training at a low price. If you are looking for a way to improve your arm training results without buying bigger dumbbells. There are similar products on the market, some cheaper and some more expensive. However, most Fat Gripz reviews I've seen don't mention that it's the only patented design (patent #USD616950S1). This confirms its position as the best portable fat grip solution. If you're thinking of getting a chunky pair of cuffs, go for the original.

Support for

For example, using standard dumbbells to train your arms is great for your biceps and triceps, but they often leave your forearms unused. However, as soon as you grab your barbell or dumbbell, you'll start to feel the benefits of Fat Gripz. They instantly engage your forearms, wrists, and grip strength without adding weight to your arms. Although its primary benefit is arm activation, Fat Gripz aren't limited to lifting exercises either. You can use your Fat Gripz as a support on any fitness equipment that requires a firm grip, such as B. pull-up bars, rows, lats, and the like.

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After what the Fat Gripz do, the most common question is whether they are comfortable to wear. Heavy grip training is meant to create more tension in your arms, so feeling a little weird when you start out is normal and necessary. As for the Fat Gripz though, they fit comfortably in your palms, as long as you haven't overestimated their size. The material from which they are made is soft enough to press comfortably without losing shape, but strong enough so that you do not lose your grip.

material and seams

Fat Gripz are made from a military grade compound that is similar in quality to high performance rubber. This makes them virtually indestructible in terms of wear and durability. Similar products are often made of cheap plastic or foam, which are more likely to break or lose their shape, make your hands sweaty, and release bad odors (which can even be toxic). Fat Gripz are odorless and made from safe materials.


Fat Gripz come in a black and white cardboard packaging. On the packaging you will find product information, testimonials and on the back some instructions and training examples. Since it is not strictly necessary to use the product, you can save it or throw it away. However, a prominent feature of the packaging is the authenticity seal with lot code and QR code that allows you to verify the validity of your purchase. In this way, you can easily avoid counterfeits and always know that you have the original. Even if you are buying a new box, the stamp of validity is a great way to confirm that the product has not been used.

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What are Fat Gripz used for?

Fat Gripz is a simple, inexpensive and effective training enhancement tool used primarily for arm development.But do Fat Gripz work?Men's Health Magazine Named Fat Gripz "Best Light Weight Training Enhancement" Toolin its Best Team section of the 2021 Fitness Awards.These are some of the benefits of using Fat Gripz.

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Fat Gripz are good for all skill levels

If you use public gyms, there's a good chance you've already seen someone train with Fat Gripz or a similar fat gripping product.Novice and professional athletes alike can take advantage of Fat Gripz to enhance their arm workouts.Several fitness experts were observed, including professional bodybuilder and seven-time Mr. Olympia champion Phil Heart.

Here is Phil working out with his Fat Gripz in an Instagram video.When recommended and used by the professionals, then they are great for all levels of athletes, whether you are training in the gym or at home.

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Fat Gripz increases arm muscle development

The main goal of Fat Gripz is to build your arm muscles.Wide grip training is a well-known "secret" fitness technique for better redistributing exercise to the arms.By increasing the diameter of your grip, you engage more of your fingers, wrists, and forearms than traditional arm exercises like bicep curls.

Exercises that target the wrist and forearm, such as dumbbell or barbell curls, can put the arm in awkward positions, put a lot of pressure on the arm, increase the risk of injury, and tire it quickly.But most importantly, they have low power consumption, which means you need to practice a lot to get the final results.With Fat Gripz, you can continue to do the exercises you know and love while getting the added benefits, such as: B. working out your entire arm.

Fat Gripz are great for improving grip

Fat Gripz are ideal for training grip strength.Grip training is an underused and often overlooked exercise.If you're doing lifting exercises, you've probably noticed that most of the time your maximum weight or number of repetitions is limited to your grip strength.That means your grip tires faster than the muscles you're working, and you need to finish the exercise before you run out.In testimony to Fat Gripz, US SWAT Strength Trainer Will Brink states:

"If your back and legs can deadlift 700 pounds, but your grip ends up at 300 pounds, your deadlift is 300 pounds. When it comes to strength, you're only as strong as your weakest link, and most strength athletes know this fact all too well."

With that in mind, grip strength isn't just important for power lifting.According to a study in the Lancet Journal,There is a direct relationship between grip strength and cardiovascular health.Stronger grips reduced the likelihood of heart attacks, strokes, and lower cardiovascular mortality.

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Fat Gripz can make exercises easier without reducing results

Almost every upper body exercise involves the arms in some way, whether it's pushing, pulling, or holding the machine.At the end of an upper body workout, it can be difficult to pick up a barbell or dumbbell and focus on a few arm exercises.

If you find that your arms are too worn out to work with your usual weight and reps, Fat Gripz are here to help.Just take a lighter weight, tighten your grips, and enjoy a complete arm workout without the need for excess weight.Fat Gripz is especially good for beginners or recovering athletes who may have trouble with weight-bearing arm exercises.

Fat Gripz are useful

You may be wondering if Fat Gripz is worth it for you.The best thing about Fat Gripz is how practical they are.First, they are very cheap for the benefits they offer.Second, they are light and easy to take with you.For example, they hardly take up space in your sports bag.Fat Gripz are easily integrated into any exercise where you use a bar, grip, roller, etc.

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Frequently asked questions

Are Fat Gripz effective?

The fitness industry has known about the benefits of fat grip training since the early days of powerlifting, and there's evidence to back it up.A study conducted in Division I golfersdemonstrated that those who trained with Fat Grips Training showed better results over time.At the end of the 8-week trial period, the group of golfers using Fat Gripz demonstrated an increase in ball speed, travel, drive distance, and opposite-arm grip strength.

Does Fat Gripz build bigger biceps?

Many people ask if Fat Gripz is good for building biceps.Yes, better arm muscle activation is the main goal of using Fat Gripz.This includes better alignment of the biceps.

Can you bench press with Fat Gripz?

Fat Gripz can be used in any exercise that requires grip strength, including the bench press.Fat Gripz may be more comfortable for you to exercise in, but using them may force you to reduce your maximum weight.If comfort and use of your arm is your goal, Fat Gripz are excellent.If you want traditional bench press results like more chest, shoulder, and back activation, you won't notice much of a difference.


Gripz Shacklethey have simplified and commercialized an old secret of the fitness industry.With them, anyone can reap the benefits of fat grip training in both public and home gyms.Have you tried training with a thicker bar or dumbbell?Did you notice the benefits?Let me know your thoughts in the comments below, and follow me on social media for more workout tips and product reviews.


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  • Effects of Fat Grip Training on Muscle Strength and Driving Performance in Division I Male Golfers // National Library of Medicine: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/28195977/
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