How Businesses Can Prevent Cybercrime (2023)

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Cyberattacks cost UK businesses30 billion pounds a yearrelated to lost revenue and increases in IT spending; however, this number does not account for undetected violations. With the rise of cybercrime andafter the attack on the NHS, as well as companiesprevent cyber crimes.

Back up your data regularly

Data is essential to the smooth running of any business, and backing up data means making a copy of your most important files. It's an essential part of managing IT for a business, yet it's shocking how often it's neglected.

When it comes to backing up data, you need to have a copy of all of your organization's critical information. The best way to figure out what data you need is to think about what you'll need to keep working if your PC or laptop is stolen.

Criminals are looking for your data because it contains the most valuable information. A cyber attack could mean the complete loss of your network and not having backup copies of your files will have a financial impact on your business.

Ransomware holds your data hostage and demands payment (a ransom, hence the name) to release the data; However, if you have backed up your data recently, you can access it and therefore the ransomware attack will not affect you as much.

There are three ways to back up your data: USB flash drive, tape and online backup.

Pen drive backups are used for smaller backups; However, they are unreliable as they can be easily lost and you can only save one version of the data as every time you backup the previous backup will be overwritten.

A tape backup is another way to back up your data, especially if you have a decent amount of it. You can do daily, weekly and monthly backups, especially if you have adequate tape rotation. If you store them offsite, they make a great, easy-to-use backup solution for your business.

Last but not least, you can backup data online. This choice is popular because there is no hardware or software to buy; You only need to pay a small monthly fee for a high security data center.

The process of backing up your data online is simple. You choose what data you want to back up and it is transmitted in an encrypted format over the Internet where it is stored in a secure data center.

Remember: you should always test your backed up data to see if it works, as a backup is useless if it is not restored correctly. But a professional provider will be able to facilitate this.

Use authentic and strong passwords

A strong password can slow down or even prevent many cyber attack methods.

Passwords can be difficult to remember - we get it - so it's common to use relatively short passwords, which are typically something like a birthday, a pet's name, mother's maiden name, and so on.

However, these passwords are easily cracked by attackers. It's also common to use similar passwords on every system you use - which in turn makes it easy for hackers to access every service you use.

For a strong password, we recommend that it be at least 6 characters long and contain three types of the following:

  • Minúsculas (a,b,c, etc.)
  • Capital letters (A, B, C, etc.)
  • Numbers (1,2,3 etc.)
  • Symbols (' ! @ # $ % etc.)

For example, spell two or three unrelated words using a combination of the four:

  • &&87/hair/FLOWERS/young/14&&
  • ||57!Street!WALK!Jupiter!59||
  • DATEMAKEluta49 ::
  • UNITREALLetching42--
  • body-PURE-west coast*$%
  • alabama-SUGAR-injured-corner$
  • BRAZIL-shore noise-DUBLIN

Or use something completely nonsensical like:

  • Vv8g|R|WC>/(Q6x
  • "PJ%nk#mw1:$;&o
  • %VY1DT-373j85El

Remember, the longer the passwordand the more complicated, the safer it will be🇧🇷 For this reason, another piece of good advice is to use four simple words that are easy to remember but random. See the image.

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Update system software regularly

Updating your system can be a nuisance, especially when you are in the middle of a task and this notification asks you to update or remind you later.

To save time, you usually click Remind Me Later. However, you should always update your system when the message arrives, as this may affect usability, security, and compatibility with other software.

Cyberattacks often happen because security and software updates are delayed. Make sure employees have time to perform regular updates, or hire an IT professional to update all computers on a regular basis.

Usually, you are asked to update the software when a bug is detected in the software, and if you don't update, you are vulnerable to possible attacks. The update fixes the security flaws, provides features and speed improvements, fixes bugs and provides more efficient software.

Updating your software prevents you from being vulnerable to possible cyber attacks and also allows you to get the most out of the software you are currently using.

Do you have a firewall

Every business should have a firewall as it protects your business from digital threats. A firewall acts as a sort of barrier between your internal corporate network and the rest of the World Wide Web. A firewall prevents outside users from accessing your company's private assets.

You can also block your internal users from accessing specific websites that may be infected with viruses. It's a good idea to set a policy that blocks your employees from accessing certain websites and other vulnerable networks.

Stronger firewalls inspect all traffic entering and leaving your network. It looks for viruses, worms and spam to block to prevent them from affecting your network.

Always keep your browsers up to date

Running your business with an older or outdated web browser exposes you to security vulnerabilities that could affect your business.

An older web browser means you can expose yourself to attackers to download software such as spyware (programs that record what you do on your computer) onto your network, giving them access to passwords, card details and more.

Outdated browsers pose a security threat because they (the browser) are blocked from detecting certain types of software downloads as threats, as they can only scan detected threats. If the browser is out of date, it cannot know what modern threats it is looking for.

Increase employee awareness

Cyberattacks can also happen due to internal factors like your employees, mostly unintentionally. All one of them needs to do is use your network and open a shady link, then you will be attacked by cyber attack. They may not even consider that the link they open will cause harm.

Educating your employees on what to look out for (eg spam emails, spam links and unsafe websites) gives you extra protection against your own four walls. Also, you can remind them to always update their computers to avoid potential cyber attacks.

Learn to protect yourself from attacks

With the growing threat of ransomware attacks, more and more companies are concerned. But many are not doing enough about it. See the real size of the problem and how much really needs to be done to protect your business. Read this free guide and make sure you understand how to defend your business and your valuable data:

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