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Department Name Illinois Department of Corrections
Official website
Inmates currently incarcerated
visitor request
Location 1301 Concord Court, P.O. Box 19277, Springfield, IL 62794-9277
Phone number (217) 558-2200/ 2008

About the Illinois Department of Corrections

The Illinois Department of Corrections was formed in 1970. Yes, you read that right. Prior to 1970, no department dealt strictly with the structure of the Illinois prison system. But since 1970, the Department of Corrections has taken on this difficult task.

Do not be fooled; the state of Illinois had a prison system structure, but did not have a rigid department that focused solely on this task. The state of Illinois already had prisons, so those prisons have just been incorporated into state facilities. Over the next few decades, the Illinois Department of Corrections would build new offices and other facilities as needed.

In the mid-2000s, the Illinois Department of Corrections began to experience a problem. They began to catch many more juvenile delinquents. They had no structure for these young delinquents. That's when the Illinois Department of Corrections decided it was time to have a subdivision responsible for this age group.

When a juvenile offender is convicted, they will be part of the Illinois Department of Corrections, but in the juvenile division. This helped create a lot of uncertainty within the Department.

How do I locate an Illinois inmate?

In many circumstances, knowing where your friend or relative is being held in state or federal prison gives you peace of mind. This is because they may need your help in the form of funds or emotional support. Illinois has more than 45 detention centers, making it difficult to locate an inmate, especially when they have no idea where to start. If you are not familiar with the Illinois prison system, finding an Illinois Department of Corrections can be extremely difficult. However, with the correct information, the process becomes easier. Ideally, some reliable information needed for the search includes the individual's identity, date of birth, andDepartment of Correctionscode.

On the other hand, locating a prisoner can be easy if you know exactly how to do it. There are a large number of databases available on digital platforms to streamline your search. Interestingly, these catalogs provide the identity of the individual, the previous history and the date of parole of the detainees. It's worth noting that these sites cost zero fees and scammers shouldn't convince you to pay for them.

Family members or friends may contact the detention center for an unrestricted search of the detainee by title. It makes official documents and incarceration data available through various channels. In addition, parties may conduct a detainee search using the Illinois Virtual Criminal Investigation. Below are awesome ways to refine your Illinois Department of Corrections inmate search:

Use of Archived Information on Previous Inmates at the Facility

Interested parties may obtain records of convicted felons residing in Illinois correctional facilities by completing aonline registration formor submitting a request to the Unit. When completing an old records search request, requesters should make every effort to disclose reliable information, including details of the detainee, the date of the arrest warrant, and, if available, a confirmation code.

Use of public prison files

Illinois Prison Inmate Examined Documents are records maintained about an individual who has been incarcerated in the state of Illinois by authorities. Once an arrest is made, a RAP template is entered into the database and your criminal record begins. As they progress, their daily activities are documented and regularly reviewed. When a police institution takes over the surveillance of an inmate, it carries out record keeping. Guests, transfers from one institution to another, and additional concerns that may arise are also acknowledged. In the nation's data warehouse, every prisoner has a complete prison record. Incarceration records are maintained from the time the person enters the system until the end of the probationary period.

Each police institution publishes the prison data system so that all those responsible for the detainee can edit the information as circumstances improve or new facts are presented. Development initiatives, guests, fines and court decisions are recorded and archived indefinitely. Thus, those interested can locate their detainees through the prison files.

Use of the Department website

In many cases, the facility prohibits convicts from contacting family and friends. Likewise, family members may be separated from their loved ones in prison. Rigorous communications, visitation planning, sliding regulations, and a general sense of insufficient information about the detainee's location make communication with the detainee extremely difficult.

Interested parties can also locate inmates in Illinois correctional facilities using the prison search. Just fill in the details of the detainee, unit prison number and date of birth, and the results will automatically appear on the search page.

Choose a result and click the 'Search for a delimited prisoner' icon to obtain information about the prisoner, such as photos, social status of the perpetrator, location, criminal action and prison sentence. The Inmate Locator streamlines this entire process. In simple terms, an inmate locator is a digital Internet record that individuals can use to search for an inmate's family member. However, finding these directories can be challenging at times.

Locating prisoners using the Illinois VINE link

VINE is a program that allows crime victims to use digital platforms to find details about their perpetrator's room and sign up to receive notifications when the room's status is updated. Interested parties can also search and register for current details on court proceedings.State Attorney Generalbrings peace of mind to the state. Illinois VINE is arguably the largest prisoner alert system in the state, allowing family members and advocacy groups across the state to acquire consistent and accurate data as well as the custody status of perpetrators.

Looking for an inmate in the Illinois Federal Prison

Inmates in Illinois may be in state prison or federal prison. If you are trying to find an inmate but have no idea what prison system they are in, consider these points:

  • Look up the prisoner's previous residence on the government parole board's detainee locator. These detainee search resources may contain the relevant data you are looking for.
  • Second, use the inmate search tool provided by the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Since federal and state crimes can be committed and prosecuted in any region,the BOP inmate locatormay contain the details you are looking for.

Locating a federal prisoner in Illinois is elementary. Essentially, use the Detainee Locator tool provided by the Bureau. Interested parties can use the BOP Inmate Locator to look up inmate details. When you actively search by name, you can narrow the search result by entering your racial identity, age, and sexual preference.

Illinois Sex Offender Survey

In addition to the methods listed above, inmates in Illinois can also be located using theIllinois Sex Offender Registry. This page has been created to expedite access to relevant records on people arrested for sexual offences. The main purpose of disclosing this data is to make it conveniently open and freely accessible to the individual.

Anyone who uses this knowledge to commit a crime will be prosecuted. The information provided applies to perpetrators under the supervision of the probation officer or parole release required by law of theIllinois Department of Corrections. They are required by law to register as a sexual predator. As the data in the database changes rapidly, the main residence, social status or other details of the perpetrator may be inaccurate. While much of this data is public, most of it is obtained from criminals who may refuse to provide reliable data. Metadata and validation can be derived from the inmate's status and the local law enforcement institution.

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