It's Always Sunny in Philly S 12 E 06 Hero or Hate Crime / Throwback - TV Tropes (2023)

Mac:A great injustice happened, okay? Frank committed a hate crime!
Franco:I saved your life!

After Frank saves Mac's life by shouting a homophobic slur at him, the gang enlists the help of a professional arbitrator to decide which of them is the rightful owner of the scratch card Mac was in his possession at the time.

This episode provides examples of the following tropes:

  • Artistic License History: Mac incorrectly states that the word "faggot" refers to the historic burning of gay men. The use of the word to refer to gay men only dates back to the early 20th century, and burning at the stake was not a traditional punishment for homosexuality in England or its colonies. While its exact etymological origins remain unclear, it likely stems from its use as an insult to an old woman, thus comparing a gay man to an old woman. KnowledgeMac, this is probably intentional..
  • Artistic License Law:As indicated inIt's Always Sunny in Philly S 12 E 06 Hero or Hate Crime / Throwback - TV Tropes (1)bycool eagle, whether or not Frank committed a hate crime or used hate speech is irrelevant to who has legal ownership of the ticket. He admits the case is complicated, but suggests Dee would have the right to sue Mac for the amount of the fine. Dennis could sue Dee to get back the money she spent on the ticket. However, he noted that the episode is generally more accurate to the arbitration process than past depictions of the legal system on the show.
  • blatant lies: Charlie claims he accidentally stepped in dog poo, despite pointing the feces at Mac. He later admits to the referee that he intentionally intervened after being called out for the lie.
    • Dee is caught reading Dennis' books and denies it.
  • bittersweet ending: The gang ends up spending the money to pay the bill, leaving them with only $14, but Mac ends up leaving for good.
  • bottle episode: Aside from the opening scene and some flashbacks, the entire episode takes place inside the referee's room.
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  • call back: When Mac claims he was about to somersault to safety when Charlie kicked him off the piano, Charlie yells in exasperation that"He never turned around!"
  • arma de Chekhov: At the beginning of the episode, Mac makes an offhand comment about how he's using a new exercise bike that hurts his butt. Later, Dennis takes the offending bike to the referee's office and we see that there is a vibrator mounted on the seat.
  • anxiety cigarette: Dee has taken to smoking, which she says is a preventative measure after discovering she has a 46% chance of developing Parkinson's disease. After spending enough time exposed to the gang's madness, the referee starts smoking with them.
  • F cluster bomb: This episode contains some of the dirtiest language ever used on the show, with the gang dropping uncensored C-bombs, F-bombs, and N-bombs while debating whether there are words they are never appropriate to use.
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  • exit history: Mac walks out at the end of the episode after the referee tells him he's entitled to one hundred percent of the scratch card winnings if he admits he's gay (since Frank calling him a "faggot" isn't technically a hate crime if he is heterosexual). 🇧🇷 the difference oflast time, he doesn't back down and instead decides to stay out for good.
  • continuity wink: Dennis realizes what Dee doesless than minimum wage.
  • country affairs: Guys are very fond of using the word "to make a woman feel small".
  • dirty old man: Frank has mirrors attached to his alligators to look at women's skirts on the street.
  • Even evil has rules:
    • Mac, Dennis and Dee are appalled by Frank and Dee's use of a homophobic slur.allcalls Charlie when he throws the N-bomb.
    • When Mac explains the history of the F-word and points out that it originates from burning gay men alive at the stake, everyone (including Frank) is shocked into silence.
  • omen: When talking to Charlie at the beginning of the episode about his new exercise bike, Mac mentions that his butt hurts. Charlie also noticed that he was limping.
  • The friend nobody wants:
    • The rest of the gang is quick to state that they still hate Mac, though they are glad he is coming out.

    Denis:You're in the closet, you're out of the closet... we don't like you at all!

    • No one cares that Dee started smoking or that she has a 46% chance of having Parkinson's disease.
  • From Latin "to introduce": Mac claims that the F slur comes from gays being burned at the stake. Although the word originally referred to sticks, its use as an insultprobably comes from other slang meanings of the termIt's Always Sunny in Philly S 12 E 06 Hero or Hate Crime / Throwback - TV Tropes (2).
  • immediate self-contradiction: When Mac starts pedaling his stationary bike, he claims it's like any other stationary bike... except he steps to the side to reveal a vibrator sticking out of the seat.
  • crazy troll logic: Charlie's absurd explanation for why he deliberately stepped in dog poop: to cover up the smell of a skunk, he let it spray on him, which in turn was intended to cover up the scent of the cologne he had used to disguise the fact that he is been smoking with Dee.
  • innocently insensitive: Charlie drops the N-bomb when Mac asks Frank what word Frank would use to describe the referee (black) if she were the person about to get hit by a piano. However, it's clear that Charlie was answering Mac's question, and not with real malice.
  • tabu jailbait: Dennis brags about buying champagne to toast with finally getting to sleep with a teller who turned 21.
  • N-Word Privileges: The episode examines the question of whether it's okay to use a slur after Mac takes offense at Frank calling him a fagot, even if it saves his life. Also, the others are horrified when Charlie actuallydoeshe drops the N-word and Dee takes offense at the guys' casual use of "cunt" to put women down.
  • not so terrible: Dee announces she has Parkinson's. ... or at least, you have a 46% chance of having it, due to your genetic makeup. She claims that smoking reduces the risk.
  • It's not what it looks like: Mac insists on this about his exercise bike: heclaim (iswhich has an arm that comes out of the seat to smack your butt to keep you from getting tired. (The handle on the arm ismuchtiny, and none of that explains why he also mentions riding his bike in shorts with a hole in the back).

    Dee:Yep, it looks like you're fucking yourself with a bicycle vibrator.

    • After getting the gang's initial setup, the first referee assumes they are meeting with him over a hate crime (Frank calls Mac a "faggot"). The Gang makes it clear that it doesn't care: theyIn truthworry about deciding who owns the scratch card.
  • pet the dog: Something like; the gang agrees to let Mac have his winning moment and not tell him they plan to use their lottery winnings to pay arbitration fees until the next day.
  • piano left: Mac is almost crushed by a falling piano at the beginning of the episode.
  • politically incorrect hero: Frank calls Mac a homophobic slur in the act of saving his life, leading the rest of the gang to debate whether he is a hero or just committed a hate crime.
  • Background: Dennis is up to his old tricks of seducing ill-nice youngsters again, this time involving Dee in his scheme.
  • serious business: The gang hires a professional referee to decide which of them is legally entitled to a two-dollar scratch card he hasn't scratched yet.
    • All of the gang members rush to see if Mac is okay when a piano falls on him. Frank warns him and Charlie even risks his own life to get Mac out of the way.
  • History of the "shaggy dog": Mac wins ten thousand dollars after the scratch card turns out to be a winner, only to find that the arbitration fees add up to $9,986 which the gang intends to make him pay, leaving him with only fourteen dollars after all is said and done.
  • sherlock sling: Laughs when Dennis can deduce from the contents of Dee's bag that she's spending the money he's giving her to tip the young clerk he's trying to woo on cigarettes, slushies and sour gum
  • distorted priorities: The gang doesn't really care what Frank said or whether the lottery ticket actually contains a winning combination of numbers. The point is, they don't know who owns the ticket, so it's up for grabs and therefore inherently valuable because of that.

Denis: This bill represents hope, okay? Potential. Promise. The very foundation upon which this group rests.

  • The status quo is God:Discussed: After Mac leaves to take full ownership of the scratch card winnings (revealed to be $10,000), Dennis and the others tell Mac to get it over with and go back in the closet, yeah, anyway....but later...
  • Surprisingly realistic result: The gang goes through three different arbitrators and the whole process would have taken 17 hours and as a result the bill ends up costing most of the value of the lottery ticket.
  • Sure, let's go with it: The third referee concludes that Mac and Frank should split the scratch card... but if Mac considered Frank calling him a "faggot" a hate crime (ie admitting he was gay), he would receive all the winnings. Mac immediately jumps with it and leaves.
  • Extraordinarily unattractive view:Charlie jumps up and kicks Mac in the chest hard enough to knock him out of the path of the falling piano, but no one is impressed.
  • wham episode: After this episode, Mac comes out of the closet for good.
  • beat line:

    Franco:Yes, yes, sign the paper so you can go back to the closet.


    Franco:Go straight on.

    Denis:You can go back inside. Forward.

    Mac:(smiling) Huh?

    Denis:Well, you signed the thing. You have your money. Go back to the closet. Just once.

    Charlie:We know you're going to do it, so you better do it.

    Mac:Yes yes. I don't know. Maybe... maybe I'll stay out. Yup. No, I think I'm out now. I'm... I'm gay.

  • oh weight: The gang comments that Dee is very bony while developing a plump belly.
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