Law & Order: SVU Season 23 Episode 5 (2023)

Fast Times @ The Wheel House

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A girl is watching a Tik Tok while her friend helps her with her makeup. She can't wait to meet these guys at a party. The friend insists on coming to protect her.

The girl and her friend arrive at Wheelers. It's luxurious. They're on the roof, having a party. She makes some Tik Tok dance videos with them. Videos quickly get a lot of views. Everyone drinks and the girl says it's lightweight but tries it anyway. Later she gets totally drunk and one of the guys suggests that she lie down. The guy helping her gets a call from the manager and two other guys take her downstairs.

Willow's friend later finds her crying in the basement.

Noah wants to show Benson something on Tik Tok. Benson says there are no phones on the table. Noah insists. Willow made a video saying that she was raped and doesn't know whether or not she should go to SVU. The video disappears, but Benson says he can get it back—once you put something on the internet, it stays there forever.

Benson takes the video back and shows it to Carisi and Rollins. Jet interrupts to talk about the missing Albanian girls. Benson agrees to take care of it. Jet recognizes Willow. Benson is apparently the only one who doesn't know who Willow is. Jet isn't surprised when Willow tells her she was raped. She had a bad vibe from the wheelhouse. The Wheelhouse is a place where people can become superstars... sometimes.

Rollins and Benson talk to Willow. She took down the video because fans called her names and bullied her online. Benson suggests they talk. Willow explains how amazing it was at first, until she got dizzy and they took her to Tate's room and locked the door. Both boys raped her. She passed out and woke up naked and wanted to get out of there. Rollins wonders if any of this was recorded. Willow says the boys said no video means it didn't happen. Her friend Kavon found her and thought they should call the police, but she wanted to be invited into the house.

Kavon says he knows Tate and Liam raped Willow and wants to arrest them. He left home 2 months ago trying to protect Willow.

Willow doesn't understand why they can't arrest when Kavon says this. Carisi wants her to call the boys while they listen. She says that only Diggy wants to talk to her.

SVU calls Bell and says he can't reach anyone but will keep them updated. She wants to borrow Jet.

Diggy regrets that Willow was upset. He says they said it was consensual. Tate and Liam show up saying she cried rape because she wasn't chosen. They keep telling her to stop being upset and she has to tell all her fans to back off. You start the live stream. Willow tags along, but the cops show up, including Jet, and arrest the boys.

Carisi wonders if Willow can be trusted due to the new video.

The boys' lawyer insists the cops have nothing. The boys talk even though he said no.

Diggy talks to the cops and says he's trying to be the good guy and getting burned.

No one in the house speaks. They get a message to Jet that Liam and Tate are making another video laughing at what they've done and that the cops are the enemy of the people. Carisi says to arrest her.

The judge wants everyone to put away their cell phones. He also posts $1 million bail and tells the boys not to complain on social media, which they promptly ignore. The boys make a Tik-Tok video about how innocent they are and someone throws a drink at Carisi as he and Rollins walk by. Diggy apologizes, but Carisi won't let him.

Carisi goes before another judge. Their lawyer insists they have the first amendment right to post on Tik Tok. The judge won't issue a gag order, but says the boys are about to start a riot.

Diggy makes a video saying he won't be able to go online for a while. He tries to apologize to Willow, insisting that he is only siding with the boys because they said nothing happened.

Benson testifies that victims are slow to come forward. The defense is trying to claim that Willow only wanted revenge because she was rejected. The boys smile.

Then Kovan testifies. The defense tries to say it has a problem with Tate and Liam. Kovan says they are homophobic and misogynistic. The defense attorney is trying to suggest that Kovan is making things up.

Willow witnesses next, after a pause long enough for us to think she backed off. The defense attorney tries to claim that Willow just wanted more followers. The defense attorney brings in another influencer who wanted Willa to end up with the boys. He suggests that she set them up because Blaire wanted her to.

Willa confronts Diggy and says the boys said he invited them to rape her.

Carisi cooks and Rollins shows him a video of Diggy saying that he should have believed Willa and that he is sorry. Carisi says this means a mistrial and Willa will not testify in a new trial.

In court, the defense asks for a mistrial. Carisi says he wants to call Diggy as a witness. defensive objects. Judges on Carisi's side.

Carisi calls Diggy. Diggy says that when she got so upset after the interrogation, he realized Willa wasn't acting. He says that Tate and Liam wanted her gone and they wanted to shut her down. The defense tries to claim that women don't like Diggy the way they like Tate and Liam. He has DMs from Diggy for Willa. Carisi objects. Judge continues. Diggy claims that Willa shouldn't have gone into someone's room. The defense suggests that Diggy is jealous. The boys start laughing. Diggy starts screaming while protecting her by attacking girls. Diggy is scorned. The defense says there is no case and they want a motion to dismiss. Judge says no. The defense is left without putting anyone to testify. The case goes to the jury.

Benson says the case was public, so it's likely no one else will come forward. Jury is back.

A guy shows up at the front to talk to Benson and wants to be at the front when they catch the dealers.

The jury finds the defendants not guilty. People clap and cheer. Carisi is upset. Rollins tells Willa that she is sorry. Willa says who wants to see her real life.

Carisi talks to Diggy. Diggy has an odd comment about how the foreman of the jury may have slept with Tate and Liam. Carisi goes to Rollins. The foreman can enter the wheelhouse.

They go to the judge to assign the accused to the jury during the trial, to offer them the wheelhouse if they are acquitted. Liam and Tate say it was a coincidence. The lawyer says he'll take care of it. The boys make a deal and get 7 years. Willa says that Diggy invited her to join the wheelhouse. You and Kavon. They will be renamed Survivor Squad. Willa mentions that Carisi likes Rollins.

Benson gives Bell his informant's information. At 12 noon, a new delivery will arrive. Bell appreciates Benson's help.

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